Hair Health- Hair Restoration Therapy

Our multimodality approach to restore hair follicles, thicken your hair and help them grow.

It is a solution designed to help with hair loss and hair thinning for men and women. Our practitioners

will analyse thoroughly your case and help you find a solution that can promote hair growth.  


Hair Restoration Therapy 

Temple signature treatment designed to restore hair health. It’s a combination of a scalp peel and meso therapy. Refreshing peel designed to disinfected the treatment area cleanses the scalp and helps reduce inflammation. Followed my meso therapy using highly concentrated serum which prevents and slows hair loss, inhibits the cause of hair loss by supplying more nutrients to hair follicles by angiogenesis effect. Treatment also regulates sebum secretion.  Recommended 1 treatment every week for period of 6 weeks.  


1 treatment £150 / course of 6 £750 


Platelet Rich Plasma *** COMMING SOON *** 

PRP is an innovative hair loss treatment that requires no surgery but can help stimulate hair growth. It requires taking a small blood sample, which is harvested then injected back into your scalp where the hair is thinning. Platelets within blood plasma contain a large number of growth factors. These growth factors stimulate dormant hair follicles and also produce an increased amount of collagen. This in turn thickens the hair resulting in hair growth.  Recommend minimum 2 treatments 2 weeks apart.  


1 treatment £500 / course of 3 £1200 


Hair Restoration Program 

Hair thinning Program Shampoo and tonic to use in between your sessions £100

Hair Loss Program Shampoo and lotion to use in between your sessions £110 



Biotin IM Injections *** COMMING SOON *** 

1 treatment £49 / course of 12 £600



Different hair strands on the head will undergo these phases at different times. The first stage is known as the anagen phase - this is the growth phase, where hair grows for up to five years. The second stage is known as the catagen phase - this short transitional period lasts 10 days. The third stage is the telogen phase, which is the resting phase where hair follicles remain dormant for around three months. The fourth stage is the exogenous phase, where the hair strand is released and falls out. Our aim is to help your hair to enter the anagen phase again quickly, by delivering active ingredients and medical boosters, that are scientifically proven to support that process.